Brazilian Ectopic Baby Carried Next to the Stomach


Maria Benedita, a Brazilian woman, was over 40 years old and 5 months pregnant with her second child when she was told that her baby was developing outside of the uterus. Interestingly, doctors say that her baby boy was conceived in the fallopian tubes. Yet, he was carried in an area between the stomach and the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies are risky and dangerous, and many doctors advise the mothers to terminate the prenancy. Maria didn’t.

“We overcame, thanks be to God. We never turned back,” she said of her decision not to abort.

Her son Valdir Gabriel was delivered at 8 months. (1)

In an interview with CNA, Dr. Rao said that in cases like the one presented (one in 40,000) “and there are always risks are great, but nature is wise and can help us find solutions to the various problems we found along the way. ”

He added that throughout the process Maria Benedicta demonstrated confidence in doctors who treated her since her arrival at the hospital today and is very happy with her son, because it certainly is a miracle of life and science.

When asked if life was at risk of Benedicta throughout the process, the doctor pointed out that “despite that these situations can always be a risk of bleeding or perforation of the intestine, spleen, stomach, maternal and fetal infection, everything went very well because it is calculated every step of the intervention. ”

“We performed an MRI to identify the exact location of the placenta. After this analysis we realized that the place of implantation of fetal tissue would not put the mother or the fetus at risk of death. That’s why the smooth delivery was scheduled for the 32 th week of gestation (8 months), “he concluded. (Extracted from Lepanto News ) (2)


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