Phoenix Baby Attaches to the Outside of the Uterus

Nicki Soto, a 27 year old Phoenix woman, tried with her husband for 5 years to have another child after the birth of their son. She finally did conceive again, but received shocking news at 18wks that her new son was attached to the outside of the uterus.

Being made well aware of the risks to her own life and the life of her son, she decided to move forward because she wasn’t certain if this would be her last chance to conceive. Deciding to hope for the best, she admits that it was a scary ride not knowing where the baby was attached. He was delivered by c-section at 32 wks. They found him inside a thin wall of the uterus which had protruded outward to form a separate pouch. The blood supply came from where her right ovary and tube were located.

Afterwards she said, “I’m thankful that everything turned out so well and that I didn’t stop and the doctors didn’t stop. i’m just so grateful.”

Azelan Cruz Perfecto turned one this year.



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