More Survival Stories

It is my prayer that I will have time to post about every survival story I can find in order to provide them all here together as a huge testimony of hope for parents of ectopic babies. But since we know not what a day may bring or how long we will be on this earth, I thought it best to go ahead and provide this link to the most comprehensive list of ectopic baby survival stories that I have found so far. Click here to see the list.


Hope for Tubal Pregnancies

Most people would say that while it is nice to hear of ectopic survival stories, they are only able to survive because they are abdominal pregnancies, rather than tubal pregnancies which are assumed to have a 0% survival rate. I would like to present some facts to the contrary.

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Brazilian Ectopic Baby Carried Next to the Stomach


Maria Benedita, a Brazilian woman, was over 40 years old and 5 months pregnant with her second child when she was told that her baby was developing outside of the uterus. Interestingly, doctors say that her baby boy was conceived in the fallopian tubes. Yet, he was carried in an area between the stomach and the uterus. Ectopic pregnancies are risky and dangerous, and many doctors advise the mothers to terminate the prenancy. Maria didn’t.

“We overcame, thanks be to God. We never turned back,” she said of her decision not to abort.

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